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Pastor’s Letter from Father Nick

Since my appointment as pastor here in 2006, it has been obvious that St. Thomas is like each of my previous assignments in that the parish school adds a level of vitality to the parish not found in parishes without schools. Our school is truly a blessing to our parish and to our community. It is both a privilege and a joy to be able to share our Catholic faith with the children, and assist them on their journey to eternal life.

At the same time, we are becoming increasingly aware that we do not make this journey alone, but that we do so in solidarity with everyone else in the world around us. If we are going to make it to heaven, we can only do so alongside our brothers and sisters around the world.

Through Dr. Kevin Dieckhaus, our parish has begun a project to support the people of Cyanika Uganda, most especially through ‘Little’ St. Peter’s parish, the Clare Nsenga Clinic, and the Katarara School. This past summer I travelled there to meet the people and see firsthand how we could best support these people. There are over 600 children in the Katarara School, which consists of several mud-brick buildings with no electricity, dirt floors, and simple wooden benches. Most of the children are in the 1st through 3rd grades because the older children are needed to work on the farms. They wear whatever clothes are donated. When asked if a certain piece of clothing would fit, the answer is always, ‘We will make it fit’.

I brought with me 500 pencils emblazoned with ‘St. Thomas – Katarara Schools’.

We also donated our old laptop computers, and with a grant to get electricity for one classroom, these are up and running in a ‘computer lab’, and used by adults and children. We are hopeful to have our students begin a ‘pen-pal’ exchange.

Politeness and manners are taught there at an early age. No matter the grade, when I walked in to one of their classrooms, the children stood, and in unison said ‘Good morning sir. How are you?’ When I asked how they were, the response, in unison, was, ‘We are fine.’ When the teacher told them they may be seated, again in unison they said, ‘We are sitting’.

But the most inspirational part of my journey was to witness their deep faith in God. These people, having very little in terms of this world’s goods, rely on God for everything. And so they do not think twice about walking the dusty, dirt hills that pass for roads for hours to get to church on Sunday morning for Mass. And the liturgy, almost 3 hours long, was truly uplifting as they sang and danced and clapped and gave praise to God for His goodness to them, while at the same time they were nourished by the Eucharist to face the difficult week ahead. I would ask that you join me in praying daily for our brothers and sisters in Cyanika, as well as St. Thomas School, knowing that together we walk toward our common goal of spending eternity in the Father’s Kingdom of true and lasting peace.

"SuperKids" St Thomas Style!

Mrs Markowski led her K class in a an interactive portrayal of their favorite characters featured in the "Super Kids" reading program. This comprehensive reading program helps young learners integrate spelling, reading, handwriting and grammar into one creative format. Reading is fun for "Super Kids".

Welcome Archbishop Blair

Our Community rejoices in welcoming our new Archbishop, Leonard P. Blair.

What follows is the January Archbishop Blair's Column as published in The Transcript:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As your new Archbishop, I would like to share with you, in slightly edited form, the homily I gave at my installation in the cathedral on Dec. 16. It expresses very well what continues to be in my mind and heart as I begin my ministry. I look forward to getting to know this great archdiocese and all of you. Please keep me in your prayers. And may you be blessed with a happy and healthy New Year.
– Archbishop Blair

There are three words I would like to share with you – memory, mission and ministry.

First: memory.
As the 13th bishop and fifth archbishop of Hartford, I think of all the clergy who have served God’s people so generously over the years, and today, in particular, of Archbishop Henry Mansell, who, like Archbishop Cronin and my other predecessors, has given his all for the good of this local Church.
I think, too, of the men and women religious, and the generations of laity in Connecticut, who have lived their Catholic faith devotedly, even heroically, and have gone before us to God.


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